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Do Major Corporations Have a Problem Being Associated With Project 2025?

Trump, Vance, and Far-Right Political Extremism

Texas, We Need to Talk

Cuba Thwarts Second Terrorist Plot in Less Than a Year

Is Cuba More Oppressive Than The U.S.? It’s Debatable

How Project 2025 Is Being Implemented Now (VIDEOS)

Neo-Nazi Group Continues Recruiting Unabated

Some of the Proposed Amendments to the DHS Funding Bill Were Wild

What They’re Not Telling You About the Protests At An LA Synagogue

The Persistence of White Terrorism

The Growing Political Support for Hate Groups is Dangerous

Analysis: Biden’s Executive Order Isn’t ‘Amnesty’ and Should Be Celebrated

CEO and Clinical President of Digital Health Company Arrested for Illegal Adderall Distribution

Analysis: Israel Acts As An Imperialist Proxy for the West

What Juneteenth Means to Me, a Cuban American

U.S. Announces More Aid to Palestine But Will It Help?

Report: The United States Has a Critical Labor Shortage

ICYMI: Hakeem Jeffries Rips Byron Donalds a New One (VIDEO)

Donald Trump and the World's Dumbest Ego Trip

Biden’s Border Executive Order Will Not End Well

Why Does Border Patrol Need Crowd Control Skills?

Biden Administration Ratchets Up Border Enforcement Efforts

Are Far-Right Extremists Preparing to Target Latinos?

It's No Secret Why Latino, Indigenous, and Black People Support Palestine

Radicalized Police Are Dangerous and Depraved

Hundreds of Jewish Professors Denounce Political Attacks on Universities (VIDEOS)

Unsurprisingly, the Border Security Bill Fails in the Senate Again (VIDEOS)

Latino Lawmakers Introduce Stop Arming Cartels Act

White Privilege On Full Display [VIDEOS]

Why the Plight of Immigrants Is a Humanitarian Issue We Can't Afford to Ignore

When Mainstream Media Lies

Restitution and Legal Weed

Hundreds of Renowned Cuban Americans Urge Biden to Fulfill Promises on Cuba

South Carolina Republican Celebrates Far-Right Group On House Floor

At This Point, Politicians Are Fooling Themselves About Israel

Biden Administration Toughens Asylum Rules Putting Migrants At Greater Risk

Texas AG Continues Attacks On Migrant Shelter in El Paso

U.S. Announces Migration Assistance for Latin America

Does Matt Gaetz Want War in Niger?

My Latest Appearance On The Latino Media Collective

The Antisemitism Awareness Act is Unconstitutional

Metering at the U.S.-Mexico Border Puts Migrants At Greater Risk of Harm

Are We Witnessing Modern-Day COINTELPRO?

Opioids Remain Top Deadliest Drug In the U.S.

U.S. State Department Announces Up To $1 Billion in Weapons for Ukraine

The U.S.-Mexico Relationship Runs Deeper Than You Think

WATCH: Xenophobia Ruled the Day in Mayorkas Impeachment

Republican Racism On Full Display In the U.S. Senate

Police Violence Continues to Escalate As the Public Looks Away

White Christian Nationalists Are Today’s Ku Klux Klanners

No, There Was No 'Gun Battle' at the Border

Mass Media is Not Irredeemable-It Needs To Get Stories Right

Why the SOTU Was Bad For Migrants

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Analysis: How the News Media Failed In Reporting on Immigration

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US Secures Agreements With Mexico and Guatemala on Border Enforcement

Countering Hate and Extremism Is Crucial But Tedious

How the Recent Bipartisan Assault on Migrants Happened

The History of Extremist Groups at the US-Mexico Border

US Sanctions Israeli Settlers in West Bank

US to Sanction Venezuela

More Extremists Head to the US-Mexico Border

Analysis: The DOJ’s Uvalde Report Falls Short

A Look at Dr. King’s Impact on the Latino Community

Republicans Are Holding Billions In Border Funding Hostage

State Department Double Speak on Israel