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Video Shows Migrant Wrongfully Charged In Death of Florida Cop

Venezuela Releases U.S. Citizens

Latinos Still Supporting Trump is Dumbfounding

John Fetterman’s Betrayal

Cuba Exposes Terrorist Attack Plots

The War on TikTok Is Being Driven by Misinformation From Politicians

Remembering the Black Panthers of WWII

Islamophobic Hate Crimes Continue to Spike

Argentina Elects Far-Right President

Calls Demanding Ceasefire in Congress Continue to Grow

Donald Trump Still Promotes Fascism

Another Israeli Minister Calls for Nuking Gaza

US Tells Israel No to the Reoccupation of Gaza

The Slaughter of Palestinians Exposes US Colonialist Intent for Cuba

How the Biden Administration is Driving Hate

No Evidence to Suggest Terrorists Are Entering the U.S.

The DOJ Must Challenge Texas’ Unconstitutional Immigration Laws

How the Far-Right Went From “Jews Will Not Replace Us” to Supporting Israel

What #FreePalestine Really Means

Hate Crimes Against Black People Continues to Top List

U.S. Begins Deportations of Venezuelans

Israel’s War on Palestinians Escalates as Civilian Casualties Spike

U.S. Government Reaches Settlement in Family Separation Case

The Israel-Palestine Conflict Was Not Without Provocation

Joe Biden's Wall Will Not Win Over Far-Right Conservatives

Latino Extremist Shoots Peaceful Protester in New Mexico (VIDEO)

Video Shows Border Agent Taking Children From Mother

Why is the Fraternal Order of Police on the Homeland Security Advisory Council?

How the Media Drove the Current Influx At the U.S.-Mexico Border

DHS to Increase Border Enforcement and Accelerate Some Work Authorizations

DHS Proposes New Rules to Protect Workers on Temporary Visas

Federal Judge Rules DACA Unlawful

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month With Targets on Our Backs

Thanks to DHS, Thousands of Cubans Denied U.S. Residency

A Police Department in Texas Was Deactivated, Police Chief Fired

No, Immigrants Don’t Get $2,200/Month

Texas’ Buoy Barrier to Remain In Place

Judge Orders Texas’s Buoy Barrier Moved

A White Man Wants to Convince Black People to Be Xenophobes

Texas Gov. Abbott Continues Sending Migrants to ‘Democrat-Run’ Cities

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Busing Migrants to NYC is Bringing Out the City's Biggest Xenophobes

Hate Crimes Manifest Because of Rhetoric Like That of Ron DeSantis

No, Millions of Migrants Aren’t Crossing the U.S.-Mexico Border

U.S. Re-Opens Immigration Office In Cuba

Republicans Are Trying to Dog Whistle Their Way Into The White House

Cop Fired Days After Being Sworn in For Racist Social Media Post

10 California Cops Arrested for Racism, Corruption, and Civil Rights Violations

Mississippi State-Sponsored Lynch Mob Pleads Guilty

Cuban and Haitian Family Reunification To Be More Efficient

Let’s Talk About the Alabama Sweet Tea Party Victory

Elevating Law Enforcement Office to the Office of DHS Secretary is Worrisome

US, UN Welcome Kenya Leading a Multinational Force in Haiti

E.T. Versus Missing Migrant Children

Maternal Mortality Skyrocketed From 1999-2019

The Washington Post Doesn’t Like Human Rights Advocacy Journalists

More Than 80 Representatives Demand Biden Intervene in Texas

If You Want to Discuss Child-Trafficking, Look No Further Than Here At Home

A Ron DeSantis Economy Looks Bleak

Four Arrested in Smuggling Incident Resulting in 53 Deaths

U.S. Announces Family Reunification Process to Help Reduce Irregular Migration

Incrementalism at its Worst

Update on Four Found Dead in the Rio Grande

Four Migrants Found Dead in Rio Grande

Neo-Nazi Group Continues Recruiting Young White Men Unabated

The Dignity Act Sounds Good for Immigration, But Is It?

What Juneteenth Means to Me, a Cuban American

Republicans Are Intentionally Making Immigration Messy

The Hate Crime No One Is Talking About

When the News Media Kills

Latinophobia Growing at an Alarming Rate

Latinos and White Supremacy

Let's Talk Butthole Maintenance

Have You Joined Notes?

Immigration and States’ Rights

When Corruption Isn't Corruption

Mainstreaming Mass Murder

What Happened to Rasheem Carter?

The Push For Civil War is Closer to You Than You Think

Without Pushback, Biden Goes Full Trump on Immigration

On the Importance of Community

Americans Are Behind the Fentanyl Crisis, Not Immigrants

The Proud Boys Trial is a Whole Circus

What’s Being Left Out of the Conversation About Nicaragua

Gov. Greg Abbott Attacks Diversity and Inclusion Efforts in Texas

Media Silence as Police Brutality Continues Unabated is Alarming

Did the Harris County DA's Office Try to Bribe Me?

Debunking Misinformation About Tyre Nichols

State-Sponsored Murder in Memphis: How We Got Here

Domestic Terrorism On the Rise

Understanding the Insurrection in Brazil

The Explosion of Hate Speech Online is Doing Real Harm - That’s the Point