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How the Media is Driving Xenophobia in Liberal Spaces

Elon, Dave, and Kanye: How Their Radicalization Happened

What is 'Woke’?

State-Sponsored Terrorism and the Attacks on Our Infrastructure

COVID Changed How I View Things

When Is It State-Sponsored Terrorism?

Texas Republican Bigotry Goes Nuclear On Day One

Republicans Tamped Down Potential Election Day Violence by Freaking Out

Latinos Came Through For Democrats

Democrats Running In Tight Races As Republicans Employ More Bigotry

Americans Are Awfully Quiet About the 15-Year-Old Who Killed Five

Becoming An Anti-Immigration Nation

U.S. State Department Announces Aid to Stem Migration

FEMA Reimburses Cities for Migrant Influxes

In Your Face Colonialism and White Supremacy

Police Killings Are On the Rise

Cue the Far-Right Hate Machine

Republicans Have It Easy

Liz Cheney Is No Hero

No, There Won’t Be a Civil War in the U.S.

Let's Talk About Maintaining Coalitions

Congress Is Ignoring the Rise in Police Violence

Uvalde Mayor Working With Extremist Group

376 Cops

Why the Release of the Uvalde Video Is Important

Highland Park Was Likely an Anti-Semitic Attack

Our Eroding Civil Rights in America

Overturning Roe is a Classist, Racist, and Oppressive Ruling

Republican Anti-Immigration Policies Continue to Backfire

Silencing Dissent in Uvalde, Texas

Let's Talk About Advocacy Journalism

Latinos, White Supremacy, and Uvalde

Let's Have a Conversation About Guns

Latinos Must Rethink Their Proximity to Whiteness

Days After a Racist Terrorist Attack Society Is Ready to Move On

Ethnonationalism is the Inevitable Afterbirth of White Supremacy

Why Extremist Manifestos Matter

The Subtlety of Post-Trump Trolls

Oklahoma Cops Charged in Shooting of Quadry Sanders

Latino Extremism and the Quest to be Accepted by White America

Neoliberalism Killed Roe

Is Anyone Surprised Trump Wanted to Shoot BLM Protesters?

Let’s Talk About ‘Assimilation’

The U.S. Lost the War with Cuba

Society Shows No Shame in Ignoring the Murder of Patrick Lyoya

What Happened to Allies in the Fight for Racial Justice?

Xenophobia May Cripple the U.S. Economy

How the U.S. Uses Cuban Immigrants in the Cold War with Cuba

White Refugees Are Welcome, Everyone Else Must Stay Away

World Leaders Expose Global White Supremacy

Houston Cops Fired For Killing Nicolas Chavez Reinstated

Trumpism Remains a Real and Present Danger

The Truth About Immigration: Crime

The Financial Burden of Police Misconduct

Senators Suggest State-Level Voter Suppression is Nothing to Worry About