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This is really good. Thank you for your perspective. I learned something new.

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I learned some interesting things about race and culture, as I generally do when I read your work. You have a perspective I never can because of our different environments, so I thank you for sharing.

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This articulately written, well researched and thoughtful. Thanks for writing this piece. I must admit, I had never really considered the racist views that have found their ways into some Latino communities.

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I do not buy that philosophy. I have been a 'white' person in America since birth. I have laboured and sweat along side my fellow Latino. I have schooled with sat with and feasted with their families and other nonwhite families and played with them all as a child, in cites and towns practically every mix in this blessed country.

As a very young adult professional. I learned from the experience that we're all the same. The parents keep their homeland traditions alive (a mix of Catholic/Traditional Aztec/Mayan, due to the Spanish and Portuguese conquest) and remind them where they came from as well. For example, I remember clearly my close friend Rene T. He was Latino, his family was modest financially. They are proud. Rene reflected his family values.

This Latino in Texas had either been compromised or simply knew the truth about our current migrant agendas and the probably more. Albeit I do not appreciate what happened there either. That man was not well.

It makes America bad. America is good. Believe it or not. The constitutional values are it's tradition and culture. Not perfect and is amendable to fit any of our contemporary additions and retractions.

If lawmakers do not bend to the will of it's people or provide knowledge to their cause we have been compromised.


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